Thoughts on getting more structure around the BCC class

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can all contribute to giving the Bristol Channel Cutter class a bit more structure. Currently information, ideas and connections are very distributed - hence why I created

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Hi Dave,

Well, I’d say this website is a great start! I’m particularly fond of the fact that it includes the wooden ones, and not just the ubiquitous BCC 28s that are all over the place. I’m building a version of Plan No. 177 in my back yard currently, and really hope to connect with other fans of the class!


Hey Jonathan,

Great to hear your building a wooden BCC !!
We’d love to see some photos, and perhaps we can do a feature on your build sometime on

Thanks for the encouragement too, and hope you stay in touch!


Scratch that about the photos… just saw your email!!

I’ll upload Astraea now!

Thanks! I’ll provide updated pictures as the build progresses :slight_smile:

Sounds great - looking forward to them!


I just found your website and I have to express my sincere gratitude for your work! I think the simple categories you already detailed are great.

If you want to go crazy and get into class rules, there could be some research into whether to issue PHRF ratings for each boat or keep it one design. And if it’s a one design class, then to write up class rules for the BCC. I think Lyle Hess would approve!

Hey Lowell,

Many thanks for your post, and I often wonder whether the majority of BCC owners would like to have more formality around the class, or whether Lyle’s legacy was for speed and tinkering?

Do you think that if we had class rules, then some of the magic would go - or do you think it would encourage more people to race their cruising boats?

Keen to hear the thoughts of your good self and all other BCCers out there.