Tank Locations?

Hi all, I’m a new owner of a 26’ BCC that I’m doing a refit on. I’m looking to make some changes to the interior (mainly for sleeping accommodations), and have been eyeing pics of the 28s, which are laid out a bit differently. Could anyone tell me where their tanks are located? I see starboard quarter berths in the 28s, which made me wonder because my fuel tanks are in the stern quarters–they’re newish, so don’t need replacing, just curious at this point. Also, my water tank, which does need to be replaced, is under the cockpit sole.

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Hey Jon!!

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I can’t speak for the 28’s, but Ubi (32’) has her white fuel tank beneath the footwell of the cockpit - which you can see (just) on the videos on Ubi’s page: https://www.bristolchannelcutter.org/featured-boats/ubique-of-hobart

Her 80L water tank is below the table in the main cabin, and her 120L water tank is beneath the floor in the galley. You might catch a glimpse of the hose valve housing around 5:56sec in the "A day aboard… " video at the same page - it’s that weird diagonal box thing on the floor below the tap.

Anyway… I’m sure other BCC’ers will be able to chip in too - perhaps even with some photos.

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Beautiful boat! And good to see the layout. Thanks a bunch.

Oh, what are your tanks made out of? Anyone with experience with fiberglass water tanks? A local boat shop here in Maine builds them, but I’m worried about toxicity. Cheaper and lighter than SS, though.

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