Retractable Bowsprit Rigging

I have a 30’ version of the BCC. The previous owner (PO) did MANY mods to allow the bowsprit to be retracted about 6’ (it’s 9’ long) so that he could fit in smaller slip in SoCal and save some $$$. I’m not a huge fan of the set up. I have a few complaints and may well go back to a standard rig set up. BUT before I do I’d love to hear from anybody else about how they rig the stays. Mine has 2-part blocks set up for whisker, bob, and fore stays. I’m very skeptical about the ability of this set up to adequately tension (and remain tension) the rig. The PO installed Collego roller furler with luff wires (dyneema) in the head sails. The staysail stay is rigged typically with a turnbuckle and hanked on jib. The lines for the forestay and bobstay are just made fast to one of the mooring bits. ANY HELP and experience on this is appreciated. Charlie