Please visit the brand new website!

Hey all BCC enthusiasts out in Internetville,

Finally we now have a worldwide, centralised location for all things Bristol Channel Cutter.


So why not stop by and enjoy viewing all the goodies like:

  • Featured Boats

  • Worldwide Boat List + submission forms

  • Articles

  • Videos + images

  • History + FAQs

  • A place to find BCC goodies !

Have fun, and see you online!!

Wow, the new website looks fantastic!
Congrats on all the efforts to put it together. We now finally have a ‘place’ on the web to talk about our beloved boats!

Hey Ubique!

Thanks for your words of encouragement, and we look forward to seeing you heavily active in this forum.
I love your boat by the way!

Hi please let me know how to get in touch with the owner of Waxwing which is for sale.
There are a lot of dead ends on the site and agents using it get hits.
Does not seem easy to get in touch with the owners who are selling.
Love the boat and the site is a very good idea.
Keep it up.

Hey Justin,

Thanks for the heads up about the dead ends (which I presume you mean are ‘sold’ boats?).
Lots of skippers selling their boats contact us, but very few let us know when they are sold.

We don’t post contact details of boats for sale publicly - as our user’s email addresses and phone numbers would just end up getting exploited. Not cool but unfortunately that’s the way it is.
I’ll contact you directly about Waxwing.

I’ll also try and find some time to look through the listings and tidy it up.
Are you in the market for a BCC I presume?