"Lagun" table leg system

@Ubique_of_Hobart - I see you have the Lagun table leg system setup for your salon table. We’ve been considering this system for a cockpit table. But we’re also doing a major refit on our boat Calypso and currently have the fixed salon table out. We’re loving the sense of space in the salon without the fixed table - so we’re intrigued at the idea of using the Lagun system there too. How has that worked for you? how stable or “ricky-rocky” is it when multiple people are using the table?



We installed a Lagun table in our 19’ camper van and like it a lot. There’s usually three of us around it. No problems with eating or other normal use, but we avoid leaning on it as it will flex. Having a secure and extremely rigid place to attach it too is critical. In our camper nothing is rigid and we had to reinforce the “bulkhead” it’s attached to in order to stiffen it up. The table has made a big difference to the functionality of our small interior. Definitely recommend.

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I agree with @timg that the Lagun system is fantastic. Everyone who comes on-board Ubique comments on how effective (and beautiful) it is.
I do concur that although we’ve had 6 people eating from it, the only area it doesn’t excel in is when there’s heavy pressure placed on it by multiple people.
That being said, I often work from the boat using a laptop and a range of other resources (pens / paper etc) and it’s perfectly still during that exercise.

One thing I do wish it had is a horizontally telescoping arm allowing the table to move in/out on the arm - so that I can have the ultimate flexibility. It’s pretty awesome at the moment (say 90% effective) but would just love that extra 10%.