Ideas for new website articles + videos!

Hey BCCers,

Apologies for the silence over the last few months.
I run two companies, help with my wife’s business, plus I’m on the board of a few organisations, and I’m the coach of a State sports team - all in my spare time.

Anyway… sobbing violin solos aside, I have some time coming up that I want to assign to producing content for the website (you’re all welcome to help if you wish :o).

I was thinking of asking you guys what would be most valuable?
Do you want short snippet videos on BCC sailing, or in depth walk-throughs of boats?
In Tasmania we have 6 BCCs within about 5kms of each other, and of course we’re a tight knit group, so can easily organise boat tours (I think!).

Or perhaps gear reviews, that kind of thing.

So… let’s hear what people want in the comments below.

I’d like to see more in depth details on the various boats. Certainly more photos of the various interiors and how the are different, any different rigging arrangements, etc. Video’s would be fine, but I find photos easier to browse through.

Videos of boats underway not so interesting, except as maybe they cover rigging or sail arrangements. How they differ, how they might be reefed differently. Reefing winch on the boom or not, process, etc. How different owners deal with sailing their boat solo.

Actually, with drones you can get some nice under sail video… so some could be nice :slight_smile: But frankly there’s only so much of that I can watch.

I’m not sure you want to get into “how too” boats, but any tricks for backing down under power. Maneuvering in small spaces :slight_smile: Using shore lines to spring off, front and back, quick turn off the dock, spin you boat in place, etc. I’ve never sprung off with a long bowsprit though, I’ll have to see how that works for me, or maybe you can demonstrate first :wink:

Different self-steering vane arrangements and how they’ve been fine tuned. I know some can be finicky. Do they have auto-pilots attached to their trim tabs? I know some have problems with auto-pilots on trim tabs, but it should work. Will be sorting that out myself one day.

Sail plans and how they differ. Various sail combinations for different wind conditions, especially furled vs. non. Seems like a lot of boats put a genoa on the furler and leave it that, the staysail only if the going gets rough. Different tack arrangements for foresails and how you get them on and off the bowsprit, esp. solo.

Information for new or potential owners. A friend of mine is considering a BCC… What to look for in a BCC, production or not. Common issues with the production boats, etc. Common features on the production boats, and possibly some uncommon ones. I know Sam Morse sold a few bare hulls, so some variety there.

What’s everyone doing for solar? Where can solar panels be installed unobtrusively, is that even possible?

Any electric motor BCCs out there?

Maybe cleanup or remove the “For Sale” boat list.

I guess I’m just rambling here, but glad to hear you’re going to put more work into the site!

Hey timg,

Really appreciate the detailed response and the heads up re: what’s important.
I’ll start putting these ideas into our content planning.

Anyone else got ideas of what they would like to see?
Keen to get as many ideas as possible!