Electrolysis and wooden boats


Hey BCC’ers,

Has anyone got an opinion whether wooden BCCs need to be protected from electrolysis?
There seems to be a wide range of opinion.

Please contribute with you thoughts - all are welcome to add to the debate!


It is dependent upon your mooring/ berthing environment. If there’s a lot of metal around (Queens pier) don’t stay long.


New Member here. Does anybody have any thoughts about MARELON seacocks, valves, and thruhulls?
I’m thinking it would be a good way to go. We are thinking about retrofitting. Thoughts?


Hey @TomK ,

Actually we have some Marelon seacocks onboard Ubique for our head.
We also have traditional bronze for the engine intakes etc.

I think there are pros and cons for each:



  • obviously don’t corrode
  • less likely to attract condensation
  • perhaps less maintenance needed?
  • peace of mind


  • very stiff to operate (well ours are certainly). The previous owners Chris and Jo (hey guys!!) tried flushing a light oil down the bowl with the aim to lubricate the seals but it’s obviously just a short term measure
  • because the cock handles are very stiff (stop laughing!!) then I always have that slight moment of ‘Geez…I hope the plastic doesn’t snap’ when I use them - which I know is ridiculous
  • less strong crew may need extenders to gain more leverage and operate handle
  • black colour means hard to see any damage



  • feels very sturdy
  • perhaps can view damage easier
  • silky smooth handle operation
  • look the part on a traditional wooden boat


  • the obvious… corrosion leading to catastrophic failure and the boat sinking (not good huh?)
  • requires more maintenance
  • as they corrode naturally, it can often be hard to tell when they are due to fail

Anyway… I hope this helps!
What do others think?

Can we help @TomK by sharing our collective wisdom (c’mon - don’t be shy!!)



Thanks for the advice/feedback on the Marelon seacocks/thruhulls.
I have decided to go ahead and retrofit my BCC with Marelon this winter. The fact that there is no electrolysis plus the positive and building reputation were the deciding factors.