Do we need to pool together our collective shards of BCC plans to build a document library? What are the risks?

Hey BCC’ers,

At we get asked continually for plans, and I know in the past we tried to hard to source a set ourselves unsuccessfully.

I think we would all agree that we would love to hear from the Lyle Hess estate so that we could each purchase a set of plans for various BCC sizes in an appropriate and legal manner.

Unfortunately, no one seems to have been successful, so I propose that one option would be for those of us with some plans (we have a partial set for Ubique - a 32’ BCC) could contribute high-res copies to a publicly available document library with clear details etc - so that a complete set of plans could be made available to interested parties, and the class can continue to grow - rather than die.

I would also suggest this library has a very prominent copyright notice explaining the risks and inviting the owners of Lyle’s designs to approach us so that we can help get a system in place to ensure that copyright can be successfully purchased.

So… I’d appreciate to hear from you all on this matter, in this forum.
I think I also need to get a sense of who might be able to help provide plans, so if you could potentially help, then can you email me directly via to maintain your privacy please.

thanks guys.


I’d love to see a collective effort to obtain and store plans. Has the effort begun? Where do I find those plans?
How can I contribute to the search effort?