Bristol Channel Cutter plans from house of Lyle C Hess?

Does anyone know if you can still source Bristol Channel Cutter plans from Lyle C Hess’s daughter?

If so, then it would be great to get her details to add to the website!


I’ve twice called 1-714-680-0400. No answer and no voicemail. I’ve written…

Lyle Hess Designs
c/o Linda de Coux
P.O. box 2849
Fullerton, California 92837

I’ve received no response. If anyone knows how to get in touch with her or knows of another resource, I’m desperate to purchase a set of construction plans and hopefully the rights to build a 26 footer.

Hey Madcap,

Thanks for the update!
Does anyone know how BCCers can get plans?

Try Lin Pardey. I have a feeling she has taken over management of all Lyle Hess”s plans

Hey Jono.
That makes sense!

I presume people can get in touch with Lin via her website:

Or via Ian’s Lyle Hess Facebook group I think.

Hi all,

I found a set of Taleisen line drawings in the paperwork for Syrinx, my wooden Lyle Hess cutter. My boat must have been built off the same lines. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to make a copy for you.