BCC Study Plans

I have an older set of BCC study plans, 15 pages. They were mixed in with
drawings of my Vancouver 27. I expect 1977-80 vintage.

Free, Pay the postage
Gary, Prince George, BC, Canada

I would like the plans, thank you!

I don’t need the actual plans, but would love to see hi-res pictures of each page… for reference.

Is that really two quarter berths and an aft head? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that arrangement before. Which size BCC are the plans for? 28,30,32?

If you could post copies of each page, I would appreciate it as well!

Greg, forward your mail address to gpnesbit@telus.net. I will check out mail cost tomorrow.
The drawing show it being LOA 28 ft. Will try posting drawings. Interesting it has Lyle Hess’s hand written Phone # . I assume it was the orginial owner of my boat that contacted him.

Pictures not certain if Hi res

Try this link for pictures.

That’s awesome, thank you very much!

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