Another Big Sister F34 For Sale, Project Boat

I posted earlier about “Astrid”, a big sister to the BCCs called a Falmouth Cutter 34. One of the last designs by Lyle Hess. Anyway, this is another one of the hulls, this one built in South Africa. The boats were originally built there before Bryan Gittens up in BC purchased the rights and moved production up north.

Two hulls were cast in SA around 2004, but were never completed. They’ve been on and off Yachtworld, but now the owner has passed away and the estate is serious about selling them. One of the hulls has been sold, but the second is still available. Listed for $27,600 or so on Yachtworld, but they’ll probably take half of that. The yard in which the hull is been stored has just being sold and if the boat doesn’t move soon I’m told it will probably go to auction and be stripped for parts. Including the brand new Yanmar, still in it’s box.

There are a couple pictures on yachtworld. I understand that the interior wood working is basically done. The deck needs to be fastened down and some exterior work done. Systems installed, spars need to be made, rigging, sails, etc.

I’ve also been told there’s a yard there that would bolt the engine in, fastened down the hull and ship the boat to the US. Looking at around $12-15,000 for that.

Not sure what the total cost to complete the boat would be. Lots depends on choices made. Definitely a steal though, if one is willing put in some work.

I have no association with the boat. I own a sister F34, so am interested in these boats and all the Hess designed BCCs.

2019 Falmouth Cutter 34 Lyle Hess Cutter for sale - YachtWorld

The boat has been sold. There was some concern that it would be sold as scrap and stripped… but luckily the new owner has plans to finish and use the boat.